Microbiology of Foods

The types, growth, multiplication and ways of contamination of microorganisms are dealt in detail. The pathogen contamination occurs due to improper handling systems, insufficient heat treatment and poor knowledge on the spores and microorganisms. As heat treatment temperature varies for spores and microorganism’s proper temperature need to be followed. The proper checks are necessary to avoid contamination.

There are various beneficial microorganisms such as Lactobacillus species, Penicillium, yeast etc. These are helpful in the process of fermentation and results in various products which are rich in nutritional value. Cheeses, Beer, Vine, Dry salami, Soy sauce, Sauerkraut, probiotic food such as yogurt are example of the food products developed by fermentation. These beneficial microorganisms are also involved in maintaining the acidic environment which hinders the growth of undesirable microorganism.

  • Foodborne pathogens
  • Fermented food products
  • Microbial biopolymers
  • Microbial hazards
  • Technologies for decontamination

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